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Why Ilajak

Why Ilajak Medical?

We are specialized in the fields of medical care and support services in Turkey. We offer free consultations for hair transplant, dental treatment, dental implant, over-weight & obesity treatment, and stomach surgery, in addition to other various medical specialties.

Why do you choose "Ilajak " for treatment?

  • Simply because we are specialized in providing professional medical care services in Turkey, from the airport until the end of the medical trip.
  • Answer all medical consultations before the decision of treatment in Turkey.
  • Offer free medical consultation in various specialties.
  • Provide distinguished medical services using the latest medical technologies, by the most skilled doctors and surgeons, according to the highest standards of safety and medical quality.
  • Our prices are 70 % lower than in Europe.

Advantages of Ilajak Medical

Ilajak Medical specialized in the following:

1. A reassuring touch

Every patient or client is special. Guided by the patients’ and their families’ needs, we approach every patient with personalized assessment and treatment programs.

2. An elite group of specialists

Skilled doctors under the supervision and authorization of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

3. The highest standards in treatment and service

With Ilajak you are in safe hands. Based upon leading edge research and recent technologies we will offer you the best of the best.

4. Continuous psychological support

Good communication and supporting the patient throughout the treatment until recovery.

Why treatment in Turkey?

  • Turkey occupies a prominent place in medical tourism worldwide.
  • Throughout the year, tens of thousands come from all over the world for treatment in the state-of-the-art and finest Turkish medical centers.
  • Turkey is aiming to expand its health tourism to reach more than 2,000,000 people by 2023.
  • It is worth mentioning that the number of arrivals for treatment in Turkey during 2018 has reached 400,000 tourists.
  • 66 % of them received treatment services in Turkish private hospitals.
  • Various nationalities exceeding 65 nationalities, including Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, Netherlands, and Romania.
  • In addition to the Middle East and Arab countries.
  • Regarding the financial costs, it is enough to know that the costs of treatment services in Turkey are 40% to 70% cheaper than in Europe.

Ilajak offers more ...

Our work in "Ilajak" is not only limited to medical consultations, but we also offer a range of facilities during the treatment trip, including:

  1. Free Consultation: Free medical consultations before traveling and treatment.
  2. Flight reservations: to and from Turkey at the best prices.
  3. Special offers for hotel reservations.
  4. Reception and transportation: to and from the airport.
  5. Accompanying medical interpreter: throughout and after the treatment.
  6. Professional medical team: for consultations and follow-up before and after treatment.
  7. Appointments reservation: At the most famous doctors and surgeons in Turkey.


In "Ilajak Medical" We care more. 


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