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About Ilajak Medical

Ilajak specializes in health care and other support services in Turkey, based in Istanbul, we provide services for those interested in receiving quality health care services in Turkey, from all over the world.

Ilajak Medical has had notable successes in delivering and facilitating services in health care sector in Turkey, through its former brand "Safaraq Medical", which was launched in 2015, and today in its new form, "Ilajak Medical" is starting to extend to broader horizons and a wider coverage, to be closer to you than ever before!


Why Choose Turkey for Treatment?

Turkey ranks high in the industry of health-care tourism globally; as tens of thousands of people from more than 65 countries come to receive health care services in Turkey throughout the year to receive medical services at a cost less than those provided by European countries by about 70%.

Turkey is aiming to expand its medical tourism to reach more than 2,000,000 people by 2023. It is also worth mentioning that the number of arrivals for treatment in Turkey during 2018 has reached 400,000 tourists, 66% of them have received medical services in private hospitals.


Ilajak Medical’s Strategy in Delivering Health Care

Amid a sea of ​​options, and despite the language barriers, we here at “Ilajak Medical” provide specialized medical services to help patients and those who seek medical services in Turkey through:

  • Offering advice and counselling to our clients.
  • Answering all of their inquiries prior to treatment journey.
  • Providing personalized care to each patient tailored to their needs.
  • Studying each patient’s case in a scientific and thorough way.  
  • Comparing all available alternatives and options to recommend the best option.
  • Ensuring maximum patient comfort and safety throughout their treatment journey
  • Offering airport reception and accompanying patients until the last day of their treatment journey. 

Our Work Team

Ilajak Medical is a member of Imtilak Group, which includes under its wing professionals from different nationalities, brought together by the love of work and exchange of experience, and this team includes doctors, consultants, coordinators, technicians, and interpreters, among others.

We operate in a system compliant with the Turkish labor code


 Our departments

  • Medical consultations
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Public relations
  • Human Resources
  • Technology and information


Our Services

In Ilajak Medical, we provide free medical consultations in different fields and offer special medical treatment packages in Turkey including:

1-   Hair transplant

Hair transplantation using the most advanced techniques and the latest technologies available to achieve the greatest possible number of follicles, with a lifetime guarantee.

2-   Dentistry and dental implants

Treatment of teeth and gums, dental implants at competitive prices; also dental porcelain lenses (Veneer, Lumineers, EMAX, etc.) to treat dental erosions and fractures.

3-   Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Effective obesity management programs: stomach balloon, gastric sleeve, gastric banding, gastric Botox, gastric bypass, etc. You can regain your liveliness with easy, safe procedures, in addition to our psychological support programs before, during and after your treatment journey.

4-   Eye Laser Surgery

We offer the latest vision correction techniques such as: LASIK, FemtoLASIK, FemtoSMILE or SMILE Lasik. Our ophthalmological surgeons will decide which procedure is more appropriate to use based on your investigations.

5-    Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

Joints diseases, prostheses, spine surgery, scoliosis, bone tumors, sports injuries surgery such as cruciate ligament repair, back pain, and all other orthopedic problems.

6-    Cardiothoracic Surgery

Robot-assisted heart surgery, open heart surgery, complex heart and cardiovascular surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries, congenital heart anomalies repair, pediatric heart surgeries.

7-    Diabetes Metabolic Surgery

Treatment of type 2 diabetes with metabolic surgery which is performed in only 8 centers worldwide, one of which is in Turkey offered by Ilajak Medical.


We offer more

Our treatment is not limited to medical consultations and health care services, we also offer you a range of services during your trip, including:

  1. Airport reception and transport
  2. Hotel reservation with special offers
  3. Medical interpreter to accompany you throughout your treatment sessions
  4. Flight reservations
  5. Follow-up up to 1 year following treatment
  6. Health Spa and wellness centers for recreation and recuperation


Our Adress

MALL OF ISTANBUL, ZIYA GOKALP MAH, NO 7E THE OFFICE BLOCK NO: 92, 34490 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey


Ilajak Medical.. A Passion for Care..